Vertical Ombre & Marble Gel Goldfish


Ombre is easy with Gel polish. Easier when blending two gels colours. Marbling is made easy when you do the marble in a dish first. Join me as I create goldfish with Critter directing and cameraman and I reminisce about the giant tropical aquarium he once built. It was so big he would get inside of it to clean it!🐠🐡

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Products Featured in this video:
Kiara Sky Gel Polishes:
High Maintenance
Skies the Limit
Kiara Sky Beyond Pro LED Lamp

Wildflowers Ombre Brush

Madam Glam Gel Polishes
Perfect Orange
Perfect White

Brushes by Ugly Duckling
French Brush
Striper Brush

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Thanks to the talented composers, musicians and producers who created the music used in this video!
00.00 Spring Choir by Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver ✫
00.52 Rainbow Dreams by Terry Devine-King ✫
04.50 Find Our Space by Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver ✫
08.58 Vanilla Coast by Martin Felix Kaczmarski | Alex Arcoleo ✫
11.17 Radiance by Alex Arcoleo ✫
14.01 Eminence by Chris Bussey | Craig Bussey ✫
17.16 Fiberman by Keppel Skies ◦
20.16 Lay Your Love On Me by Marc Jackson Burrows | Michael Allen ✫
20.55 Spring Choir by Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver ✫

✫ Music courtesy of Audio Network Canada Inc.
◦ Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound



  1. Pretty kitty, is he or she purebreed? Long haired what fun to vacuum! I have cats but no way in the house, I also have 3 dogs. Cats are to be outside for me, Get ride of the squrrils they like to see if they can get in the house to make nests. Squirrels are protected in my state, so cats are the best way to deture them from making my house there home. Still and all the cat is beautiful. So are the nails!!

  2. waiittt cameraman is her husband/partner?? btw beautiful desing, gotta try it! i love watching your videos, your voice is so relaxing and your work is amazing.

  3. So CameraMan likes fish? Cool. BTW, I've checked out other nail videos, but they all lack the artistry of CameraMan. The quality of the production for these videos is astounding, he is to producing videos what Suzie is to creating nail art.


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