Why Nails Break – How To Avoid Broken Nails


Suzie demonstrates why nails break and the importance of Structure, Nail Fills and Rebalancing the nail extension to avoid a broken nail.


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  1. my naturals nails do have a bad habit for breaking or spliting so i just get my normal nail clippers clip my nails down and then just get a nail file and i file n shape my natural nails n then let them grow out again over a period of a few weeks to a few months whilst maintaining them and i always give them a manicure. altho suzie is the best ever

  2. Suzie, thank you for the education of my nails. I’ve acilics since I was 21 yrs old. I’m in a wheelchair,and my nails do lift sometimes. Now I know why. How do I become a nail tech? It looks like an interesting profession.

  3. Some of my nails (particularly my pinkie and ring fingers) curve steeply upward as they grow longer on their own creating a huge gap between them and the nail form, how would you go about working with them?

  4. I’d love to know if nail shapes effect natural nails and breakage. Mine seem to break very easily when they’re coffin or squared. Almond or rounded squares last much longer for me and I never understood why

  5. Thanks for taking the time to make this video! Its really good for anyone who's learning about nails and or is starting out with there own nail sets and so forth 😀

  6. My nails REFUSE to let anything adhere to them for more than a few days (maybe a week if I'm lucky). I like short acrylic and/or gel, but nails and polishes pop off my natural nail constantly; I've almost given up on getting my nails done (or doing them) entirely because I don't know what to do anymore! 🙁

  7. I've never broken an acrylic before, mine always pop off or I need to file/soak them off when theyre too long. Im not really all that dainty of gentle with my nails? so not sure how ive managed to never break onw before lol. Even when i do them myself. Its a pop off or soaking/filing lol

    (*knock on wood* so i dont jinx myself lol)

  8. i need help on two things please watching u got me into doing my own nails iv go everything u can think of for doing nails dcorating them i only use cheap things thow has im in uk money tight the peoblems iv got if i use nail forms thye just snap on me so i use tips put acrylic over but for some reasion my nails alway look to wide fat no matter how muct i fill them dow i would look to no what im doiing wrong pleas e has my dauthers wedding comeing upo on 23rf august i need to be able to do my nails perfect PL;EASE HELP ME

  9. I like your channel. I learn a lot. I am engineer and I love to take care of my nails. You give me a lot of information. I would like to know more about older techniques by using ( plastic acrylic ) how to glue it and shape it. Thank you for your time.

  10. Hi Suzie, thank you so much for solving a recurring nail mystery for me.  I always seem to have one or two nails pop up after I have had a manicure for a few weeks.  Now I know that I need to be more diligent about filling and rebalancing my nails as soon as there is obvious growth.  I swear that you are the best manicure resource on YouTube!  : )

  11. Hey it's not your field but do you have any clue on why my natural nails constantly breaks?
    I oil them and file them regularly but they still break 🙁 as a former nailbiter it's very demotivating for them to break when you do everything right

  12. – i do my own nails, from cleaning to putting nail polish on. But i really wanted to learn advance learning about nails. I watched your video so maybe i can apply all your tutorials to my self and learn.

  13. My nails break all the time and it always fall off like 2-3 Weeks in for most of my nails on my right hand. But my left hand is just stuck on there it won't budge even when I want it off


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