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EltaMD UV lip balm
Maybelline mascara
Exuviance Sheer Daily Protection
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Colorescience 3 in 1 eye
Colorescience body SPF
Cerave healing ointment
Kose Softymo
Cerave Cleanser
Deep Dive water cream
CerAve cream
Seventh generation hand soap
Attitude hand soap
Kerasal foot ointment
Olay Complete Daily Defense SPF 30
Clinique SPF50 mineral susncreen

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  1. Think this video was made for ME. I have horrible dry skin on my legs that I scratch and bleed and have scars all over. This was very helpful I just wish you would have addressed how to shave this skin. I thought about switching to Nair but idk if the chemicals would make it worse then shaving. How to shave and what to using for shaving? Lotion? Shaving cream? I've heard of hair conditioner?

  2. when i have an itch on an eczema area it usually burns when i put a cream on top. so i usually have to go shower first and then put the lotion on, do you have any recommendations on how to avoid the burn other than the shower.
    question: does it just burn because im essentially trapping the bacteria/dead skin on top of my itch with the cream?

  3. Hey I’ve been using hyaluronic acid with my cerave pm lotion and it balls up when I apply it to the skin and it kinda burns a lil,So I’m not sure what to …also my mom uses the Hyaluronic Acid sometimes and it doesn’t happen to her.

  4. Hi Dr Dray, maybe you already talked about that in one of your videos but I didn't find an answer yet and watch most of them. What moisturizer would be good for around the eyes ?? The ones I use cause a lot of irritation around my eyes (Hada Labo, dormer11, lubiderm). Thanks a lot, I learned so much with your videos!

  5. I'm new to watching your videos and enjoy them. I was wondering if you would give your opinion on ponds cold cream cleanser. I use it to remove makeup and it does remove all of it. I wear foundation shadow non waterproof mascara blush and powder.

  6. Another great video, Dr. Dray! I would like to add that some conditions can cause dry and very dry skin, for example thyroid issues, so if you think you have unusually dry skin, you might want to check this also. Also, very good tips for itchiness, I have to battle this constantly since my barrier got destroyed by steroids (and the itchiness caused by the topical steroid withdrawal was something horrible, as you said, I could barely sleep at night because of it, I felt like I wanted to rip my face off).

  7. That’s so neat you mentioned that about the fabric barrier. A few times in my life I over did it and chemically burnt my face with acne fighting products. To heal the abused skin I found little dehydrated cloth masks at TJ Maxx. They came in little containers and once rehydrated with water they came to full face size. I would then apply layers of raw aloe pulp to my face and then seal it with the cloth. From time to time reapplying alow to the outside of the cloth and it in fact healed my skin in record time.

  8. Dr Drey, what about those of us that work in healthcare and get potentially "exposed" to foreign bodies; even through ppe on a regular basis and need to shower all the time? I would love to know your recommendations.

  9. Would love to hear your take on the IT cosmetics Secret Sauce moisturizer that runs at $68 a package! Whether it’s just a high end copy cat for something like the neutrogena moisture boost. Watching your videos has changed my response to a product like this…

  10. Hi there! I love your advice! I was just wondering if you’d be able to do a video dedicated to skincare at Priceline? I live in Australia and your links are great but sometimes it’s hard to find the same product here 🙂

  11. I work in a cold part of a dried fish factory… I smell like fish everyday, though I am used to it, and don't smell it anymore, I'm always afraid everyone else does. So…. I come home and take hot showers, though quick ones and use a fragrance filled body wash. And I wash my hair everyday too…. except on weekends. I can't get most things that are mentioned here, except when I go abroad, but I have learned a lot from this channel and I will change my ways. Lol thank you


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