Work Friendly Fragrances! (Best Perfumes for the Office! by Vava Couture)


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Today I wanted to talk about some of my favorite perfumes to wear to work. Something that the majority of people would like… and with these three scents, I have met all of those criteria. When I would wear these to work, I got nothing but compliments and queries into the exact scent that I was wearing at the time. So, without further adieu, I give you my Top Three Perfumes for the Office!

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  1. I love Coco Mademoiselle on other women, but when I try it that patchouli (a note I absolutely despise) turns into rank BO on my skin and I can't scrub it off fast enough. I also have problems with white flowers like jasmine and lily smelling like urine, poop or as if they're decaying and unfortunately, that's the way Gucci Bamboo comes across to me. I tried Eau Fraiche and thought it veered masculine, but in an interesting way, but I can't deal with the patchouli note in it, either. I'm really stuck when it comes to fragrance because so many have one or two notes that I can't stand in them making them unwearable for me.

  2. Great video! I am definitely looking for a work fragrance! I have my own taste but I need to be careful at work not to be too strong or have a polarizing scent, which I am naturally drawn to. Salespeople try to sell me Gucci Bamboo so your opinion is shared and wise there. I really want Coco Mademoiselle, am holding out for gift help ($) on that one. Also looking at Chance eau tendre. Thanks for the great ideas!

  3. Your so classy I love it. And great perfume taste I own all the perfumes you have because I'm like you where people can smell my perfume 3 miles away lol. I mean why not when you spend that much on a perfume righhtttt lol. I've watched all your perfume videos and have em all too.

  4. I love the chance eau fraiche. I don't own it bit would like to soon.

    Have you tried the new chanel #5 l'eau? Very fresh and non offensive comparer to then original. Also one on my never ending wish list.

    Hmm what do I wear to work? Pretty much all of my scents except my latest: Tom ford Black orchid unless I'm in a don't care mood. lol. With Black orchid either people love it or really hate it so I tend to not wear it to the office but all my others I wear anywhere .

    Also TF noir femme I reserve for date night's only. Not offensive (to me) but it's sultry so I keep that for date night.


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