Worst Nail Client Ever? and 17 other Nail Questions Answered


Suzie answers viewers questions about Nails, with guest Elizabeth Morris from the Nail Hub.

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  1. That was a really good question about the stuff to buy!! The basics and all that. It would awesome if you could do a video similar to your “top five drill bits” and do it in respects to a bit of everything like best nail tips, best gel polishes, best jewels, etc. 🙂 and yes also when Elizabeth brought up how people don’t like to share, I agree.

  2. I had gotten my nails done as gel as a graduation present from my parents. I had gotten it the afternoon before my graduation the next morning but the day after my graduation the gel started to peel and bubble and fall off I was so upset because my parents had just spent money on this but then it came off not long after.

  3. Hi Susie do you get other males besides grant that get their nails done with acrylic. I love acrylic nails but i am still a little nervous going to Nail salon;s due to me being a male. But the make me feel so good and I love them

  4. Hi dear suzi what she???☺I mean she is cousins or friend or other side but she is nice I really watch your this video uploads I really enjoyed thanks so much I am really thankful to you by my trues feeling to get ĺearn with you so many things, I share with you my own new ideas , really you get so surprise you can not amazing feels my new ideas , thanks suzi, so much one again, thanks

  5. My worst client* ever didn't want to pay after I sculpted and blinged out all of her nails. In fact, she sucker punched me in the face dead on when I demanded payment from her. She got hit back ofc b/c I used to box full-time, and she had to go to the hospital, but after that I refuse her family outright. The cops actually charged her after b/c my security camera caught the whole thing on film.

    *The client was a not so distant cousin. She felt that $80 for sculpted gel nails all chrome with Cardi B esque bling on every nail was too much.

    A few weeks after that, I stopped taking clients entirely. I do my immediate family only. Plus I got a new job so there is that too.

  6. Thank u so much for not putting down people that don't have a license. This really bothers me because I want a license I want to go to school but I haven't got to yet because I have 3 children and have been raising them by myself for the last 3 years and its hard to find the time. But I am going . its my goal to open my own shop. But I have everything a nail salon has from disinfection machine to the nail table I even invested in a kupa Mani pro efile. Everyone tells me I'm the best nail tech they've ever been to. But when I get online on a live show like when max Estrada has his fb lives, I get bullied a lot from other "licensed" nail techs. Their really mean they make me feel so stupid. I've only been doing this for 2 years and I love it and IDC what they say but it does hurt a little. I know I have serious skills and I will make it in this industry and I hope one day they eat their words! Jnails.nailedit17 on Instagram. I don't post alot but every set I do I post! Thank u Susie, much love!

  7. I feel that his is another type of art form. When you really love creating something of beauty it shows. You need to work at your own pace and the more you do this the faster you will be able to perform your craft. It's the final look that counts and really not the speed. But like the old saying goes….practice makes perfect and it's true . The better you will get. I enjoy watching you do the nails. I never knew it was so complicated and technical. I just never knew. It's really an art and you have to learn all the aspects of it to be the nail artist you want to be. I find it fascinating to watch you guys work.

  8. I am planning to go into cosmetology and doing nails are part of it. Is it too much for $21,000 for a full course? Should I be worried that a school has the same thing but only charge $5,000?

  9. Can anyone recommend a good online nail technician course? I would love to get certfied, but don't necessarily have the time and means to go to an institute and learn. This is a dream of mine and I would love it if I could take some courses at home after college, work, and practice. Thanks!

  10. Susie, Thank you so much for your instructional videos. I am learning to do my own acrylic, mostly because very fugle. Your videos are so helpful. I'm improving each time I do it.

    My question. I end of with product stuck in the end of my brush. How can I avoid it?

  11. the last question they answered reminded my of the nail tec nail sunny…
    she does awesome 3d work but i dont really think that she really has lots of clients that stay with her…
    also there are some points where you should stop your… creativity and she definitely crossed that line years ago.

  12. i had a client once who didnt just move her hand all the time, she took her hand out of mine to take my tools because me doing her nails wasnt as important as her looking at my tools and also taking them when i have them next to me ( for using them next or because i just used them) but she also took them out of my hands while I used them -.- that was srsly so annoying and frustrating. i almost cut her with the cuticle tool because she wanted to grab the tool i was using at that moment with the hand that i worked on!
    asking why you use a tool the way you do is one thing and i like it when a client is curious but what she did is such a no go!
    i kindly told her afterwards (it took me over 3 1/2 frickin hours for a basic acrylic sculpting set and the nails weren't even long!!! I usually take no more than one hour for middle long almond nails) that i couldnt do her nails that way and she was so pissed that she never came to me again xDD

  13. So informative…..both of you are my favs. I watch videos cooking in the kitchen because I can listen and learn about nails and I'm doing my nails watching you two……I'm not professional but I love and passion about nails…sadly we don't get everything here, India that you get there…..but still passion about doing nails


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