✌️Get your brush here! :
1. From Brand Site: ——-Enter promo code “SAVE25” at checkout for extra 25% off, offer ends 12/31/2018

2. From Amazon: ——-Enter promo code “MAGNIPR2P” at checkout for extra 20% off, offer ends 12/31/2018

Face wash I use:
Toner I use:
Scrub I use 1 or 2 times a week!:
Raw coconut oil(this isn’t the one I used but they are all raw coconut oil)
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  1. I love the face wash by lush called angles on bear skin, it helped clear my hormonal acne and I swear by it! I also started buying my husband their beard and facial wash called Kalamazoo and he begs me to buy it for him when he starts to get low. Lush face products are amazing!

  2. My rubes are tied. But I get depo to help stop my crazy periods and it makes my acne go away. I took a break from the shot… got a bunch of zits the size of Texas lol… back on the shot now lol

  3. I think I said this before but proactiv plus is a really good cleanser too…. it does it all in 3 easy steps cleanse toner and moisturizer…. and girl I'm telling you I use to have really bad acne and acne spots and it gets rid of it all you should really try it…. if you do let me know how you liked it


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